Model Watch: The New Karlie, Andrej, & More

It's hard to imagine, but there was once a time when even Kate Moss was an unknown and the "face" of your favorite fashion house was simply just another face in the crowd (albeit a ridiculously good looking one). But fashion moves forward, and that pre-fame phase may soon be phasing out for a new batch of models as well. Meet seven fresh and chic young ladies who have next-big-thing status written all over them.
Coming from all corners of the globes, these not-yet-leading ladies, may only have a few years of modeling under their belts, but they are already semi-recognizable from the runways, editorials, and various spots across web. And, while talented in their own right, these new faces also bear strong resemblances — both physically and in career paths — to some of the biggest names in biz who need hardly need an introduction.
Could this be the next Karlie? Or even, the next Andrej? Only time will tell, but for now, we're placing them side-by-side so you can start making predictions, too.
Ahead, the new crop of models to watch. Commit these names to memory, stat.

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