These Sex Trends Will Be Big In 2019

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
When you hear the word “trendy,” a tiny pair of sunglasses or a rose gold manicure might jump to mind. But fashion and beauty aren’t the only industries that experience trends — there are plenty of trending topics within the realm of sex and intimacy, too.
It might sound counter-intuitive: If everyone’s sexual preferences are unique, how can there be “trends”? But,when you boil it down, trend is just another word for something that’s being talked about… and there’s certainly always plenty to talk about where sex is concerned. Whether it’s an innovative sex toy, a modern twist on a classic sex position, or even something as important as a cultural shift in the way we talk about consent, there’s always something new to be discovered and explored in the world of sex.
So what are the sex trends that you should lookout for in the coming year? Here are three sex-related trends that will be on the rise in 2019 — but don’t forget that you can totally start your own sexy trends, too.
Getting Stoned Before Sex
As recreational marijuana use becomes more widely accepted (and legalized in many states), more and more research about the effects of pot are being done. Though there isn’t a solid cause-and-effect link just yet, one study from earlier this year found a correlation between using marijuana and increased libido.
Plus, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil (aka the legal, non-psychoactive part of pot), many women find it helps increase blood flow in their genitals, which can in turn lead to increased arousal.
“I believe that we are going to see many more ‘sex specific’ cannabis and CBD oil products especially given recent research showing a positive correlation between cannabis and sexual activity and enjoyment,” says Xanet Pailet, Sex & Intimacy Educator.
Fewer Faked Orgasms
Over the past year, conversations about consent, safe sex, and healthy intimacy have come into the spotlight, and these kinds of convos (even the tough ones) help us live more satisfying sex lives.
So instead of “faking it,” women in particular are becoming more willing to speak up and prioritize their pleasure — and less willing to accept bad behavior, both in and out of the bedroom. `
“The biggest change I see in sensuality for 2019 is that women are tired are of faking their pleasure and settling for ho-hum connection,” says Marna Schwartz, a sensuality educator and founder of Pleasure Yoga. “They are reigniting their relationships on a playing field of loving honesty, compassion, and creating intimate explorations as teammates rather than opposing forces with their partner.”
Getting Cozy With “Karezza”
Although most people tend to think of orgasms as the “goal” of sex, focusing solely on orgasm can make it harder to relax and savor whatever pleasure you’re feeling in the moment, and it can ironically make it harder to orgasm. Thanks to the art of “karezza” — a kind of affectionate, gentle intercourse — couples can get back to basics and learn to enjoy the entire sexual journey, without worrying about the grand finale.
“Karezza comes from the Italian word to ‘caress’ and can transform your sexual relationship,” says Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert at Maple Holistics. “Karezza has partners forget about orgasming and focus on the raw and passionate pleasure of sex. While edging (delaying orgasm) can be extremely pleasurable, Karezza is more about enjoying the ride and ignoring the destination.”

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