The Wellness Trends Everyone In L.A. Is Obsessed With Right Now

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To many New Yorkers, there's a stereotypical idea of what "L.A. wellness" entails: hikes in Runyon Canyon, CBD oil green smoothies, and bone broth from Erewhon — whatever that is. Compared to the intense grind of NYC life, Los Angelinos seem to have the whole wellness lifestyle under control. And to an extent, that's kind of true.
"I think everything in general is just — it’s a little easier in L.A.," says Michelle Pellizzon, the Los Angeles-based creator of Holisticism, a site for booking and researching holistic health treatments. In L.A., you can walk into pretty much any restaurant and order a moderately-healthy meal. You can find a yoga and Pilates studio, or go on a hike in pretty much any neighborhood. "Because there’s such a low barrier to entry, wellness becomes easier to adopt for more people. It’s part of the lifestyle," she says.
Despite the fact that everyone drives and Southern California has some of the worst air pollution in the country, many wellness trends are born in LA. After all, that's where Gwyneth Paltrow, mother of Goop, resides. So, what can the rest of the country expect to see blowing up soon? Ahead are some of the whacky and oh-so-L.A. trends that might inspire you no matter where you live.
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Anxiety coaches

No, these are not therapists, they're coaches who specialize in giving daily advice and strategies for how to handle feelings of anxiety, Pellizzon says. "They're more involved in your day-to-day life, so they hold you accountable in more ways than perhaps a therapist would who you see once a week," she says. Often anxiety coaches are young people who may feel more relatable to millennials, and they're really just there for unbiased perspective. "Having someone who can give you perspective in a gentle but also non-bullshit way is really helpful," she says.
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Coconut Cult

If you've never heard of Coconut Cult before, it's a vegan, super-probiotic (according to the website, it contains 800 billion highly active probiotics), coconut yogurt with, you guessed it, a cult-like following. "It’s like $25 yogurt, which is bananas, but that’s big," Pellizzon says. If you follow the L.A. wellness blogger @shutthekaleup, you've probably seen it piled high on top of a gorgeous fruit bowl.
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Enhanced sweets

"People want to have their cake and eat it too," Pellizzon says, which is why you might come across chocolates that are enhanced with vitamins to help you "lower your anxiety." For example, the brand Addictive Wellness sells chocolates with ingredients like Reishi mushrooms and Maca. Or similarly, Good Day Chocolate basically makes chocolate vitamins, infused with probiotics and turmeric.
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People are burnt out on wellness influencers, and are frankly tired of listening to other people tell them what to do. Enter, intuition. "Consumers are really growing wise to that, and instead of looking to someone outside of them to tell them what the answer is, they want to dig deep and understand for themselves what their answer is," she says. On Holisticism, they've seen an uptick in people looking for workshops to harness their own intuition.
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Kundalini yoga

Unlike vinyasa yoga, which entails a dynamic flow from posture to posture, Kundalini is a type of yoga involving movement, breathing, meditation, and chanting mantras. And it's "blowing up" in L.A., according to Pellizzon. Kundalini practitioners believe that wearing white can help balance your consciousness, which might be a little surprising if it's your first time taking a class. "Once you get past the Wild Wild Country vibe, and you notice that it’s really breath work and meditation, and it’s so helpful for anxiety and kind of re-setting," she says.
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Now that many people are turning to a plant-based diet, there's a need for more foods that are fortified with extra nutrients. One big one that Pellizzon sees now? Collagen. For example, there are bars and drinks boosted with amounts of collagen, such as Kalumi Bars, which are protein bars made with marine collagen. "They're beauty bars infused with adaptogens and collagen that are great for skin, hair, and nails," she says. (For what it's worth, there's very little scientific literature that supports that adaptogens do anything at all. Collagen, on the other hand, is a good source of protein and may aid in gut health.)
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Meditation studios

In NYC, there are lots of meditation studios popping up for stressed out New Yorkers to sit and chill out. "In L.A., we're only seeing the proliferation of meditation studios, and every class I go to I swear they sell out every time, which is awesome," Pellizzon says. That's not surprising, given how popular transcendental meditation is among Hollywood celebrities.
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