All The States Where Weed Is Legal

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt.
As of now, 11 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. An additional 22 states — along with U.S. territories Puerto Rico and Guam — allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes.
Weed, of course, remains illegal at the federal level. And even though there's been a push from some members of Congress that could lead to its legalization, there's significant opposition from Attorney General Jeff Sessions. However, it's important to note that President Donald Trump doesn't seem to be interested in launching yet another war on pot.
Maybe it's because support for marijuana legalization is at a record high. According to a survey published by the Pew Research Center in January, about 61% of Americans think weed should be legalized. That support has translated to many changes in policy. For example, back in July people people were able to start using cannabis for recreational purposes in Vermont. That same month, Massachusetts opened its first retail marijuana stores.
It might be a while before the U.S. joins the growing list of countries that have either legalized or decriminalized cannabis. In the meantime, let's take a look at the states that have legalized marijuana in some form.
Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under federal law, regardless of state marijuana laws.

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