How Much Do You Spend On Weed? 10 Women Share Their Marijuana Budget

illustrated by Vero Romero.
Just a few years ago, smoking weed required some tiptoeing around, the arranging of an illicit rendezvous with a dealer, and the tacit acceptance of the fact that you might end up with some highly disappointing herb.
Although in many parts of the country (and world) marijuana consumption still requires some discretion due to legal restrictions, these days engaging with cannabis looks very different.
Today, there are approximately 55 million recreational marijuana users in the U.S. — and the majority of them are millennials. Negative attitudes around marijuana are rapidly decreasing in many places, even as they stubbornly endure in others.
Basically, we’re living in a weird time right now. On one hand, companies are increasingly profiting off of absurd (and arguably unnecessary) cannabis-centered marketing tactics — see Carl’s Jr.’s new CBD-infused burger — and on the other, archaic and discriminatory legal practices (that criminalize some while letting off others) persist in places where cannabis is perceived as a threat to 'civil society.'
Regardless of legality, people across the country are smoking quite a bit of weed and using other cannabis derivatives — both psychoactive and not — for everything from pain management to increased concentration to plain old fun. And this growing demand has created more opportunities for people wanting to get a slice of the $80 billion cannabis industry. And this progress has also allowed women and women of color entrepreneurs to enter the space.
Ahead, we chatted with ten anonymous individuals across the U.S. to get some details on how much money they set aside for cannabis products each month. We take a look at the legal status of marijuana in each of these states, as well as what types of weed products people are using, what they use them for, and how they feel about current shifting attitudes toward the cannabis plant.

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