The 5 New Engagement-Ring Trends Every Cool Bride Should See

An engagement ring is forever. And what we consider the norm for engagement rings has held steady for many, many years. The diamond, the solitaire setting, the antique know the drill. None of these variations goes out of style — and there's certainly no reason to mess with a classic.
And yet, there are certain welcome adjustments here and there that keep things interesting (and keep us ogling). What's the latest diamond craze? What kind of setting can set your ring apart? What trends are making a comeback?
We've rounded up the top 5 engagement ring trends to help identify what's up in the wedding-jewelry world — and the results will have you hearing wedding bells.
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Rose Gold
The popular 2016 trend continues to be the metal pick for those in search of a non-traditional. It helps that the romantic finish helps a diamond really pop.

Kataoka Diamond Crown Ring, $4,580, available at Kataoka.
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Katie Diamond Sophia Ring, $2,650, available at Katie Diamond.
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Consider the Wldflwrs Roxanna, $3,995, available at Consider the Wldflwrs.
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Polly Wales Light Blue Triple Pyramid Halo Ring, $3,375, available at Polly Wales.
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Claire Kinder Briar Rose Ring Ooak Pepper Diamond, $4,500, available at Claire Kinder.
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Accent Diamonds
These aren't your mother's standard three stone ring. The new wave of accent diamonds still let the main setting take center stage, but offer their own unique style twist. From forming unique shapes to covering the entire band, these petite stones give engagement rings full coverage bling.

Morphē Jewelry Wandering Star Ring, $7,320, available at Morphē Jewelry.
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Mociun Old Euro Diamond Solitaire with Black Diamonds, $2,800, available at Mociun.
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Luna Skye Double Band Teardrop Labradorite Ring, $2,200, available at Luna Skye.
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Maniamania Devotion Solitaire Ring, $2,400, available at Maniamania.
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Vale Jewelry Horizon Ring, $1,250, available at Vale Jewelry.
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Colored Stones
In the last few years, more jewelry designers have started to incorporate non-diamond stones into their settings. This year, we'll see more brides break away from white diamonds in favor of something a little more fun; turquoise opals, deep sapphires, glittering emeralds, and even pretty pinks.

Fox & Bond Victorian 5-Stone Opal and Diamond Ring, $1,250, available at Fox & Bond.
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Franny E Fine Jewelry The Frankie, $1,100, available at Franny E Fine Jewelry.
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Ruta Reifen London Blue Topaz Pear Ring, $970, available at Ylang 23.
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Erica Weiner Georgian Gemstone Regard Ring, $1,600, available at Erica Weiner.
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Trumpet & Horn Farmingdale, $1,950, available at Trumpet & Horn.
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Black Diamonds
Diamonds, in any color, are a girl's best friend. The dark stone gives just the right amount of edge to a traditional ring making it an ideal choice for a non-traditional bride.

Meadowlark Hex Engagement Ring, $3,979, available at No. 3.
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Monique Péan White Diamond & Black Guatemalan Jade Ring, $5,215, available at Barneys New York.
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Claire Kinder Noble Astral Ring, $1,500, available at Claire Kinder.
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Anna Sheffield Bea Suite No. 05, $6,150, available at Anna Sheffield.
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Satomi Kawakita Jewelry Hexagon Black Diamond Ring, $2,045, available at Satomi Kawakita Jewelry.
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Rose Cut
This vintage diamond cut has had a boost in popularity over the last couple of years. Celebrities in particular have taken to the rose cut diamond, named for its resemblance to the flower. While it used to be found in vintage pieces only, jewelry designers have taken to including them in their latest designs.

Jennie Kwon Designs RC Square Diamond Duo Deco Ring, $8,400, available at Jennie Kwon Designs.
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Lauren Wolf Jewelry The Demi Prism Ring, $6,500, available at Lauren Wolf Jewelry.
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Sethi Couture True Romance Rose Cut 5 Stone Ring, $3,540, available at Stone & Strand.
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Catbird Serena the Swan, $6,600, available at Catbird.
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Dream Collective Octagon Ring, $9,200, available at Dream Collective.

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