The Best One-Piece Swimsuits To Sun Yourself In

If you're not familiar with our series Take Back The Beach, which is dedicated to reframing the way people think and talk about body image and which encourages women to own summer fashion, now's the time to get acquainted. Hot weather should be something we can all enjoy, so we're embracing the rising hemlines and feeling inspired by how women make the season's style all their own.
One of the most polarizing summer pieces, of course, is the swimsuit. Shopping for the "right" bathing suit (the one you feel comfortable in and could basically live in all season long) is not the quickest of quests. But it can — and should — be. This season, we're looking back to the '90s and that decade's crush on the elegant, sleek, and kinda-grown-up one-piece, in all its downplayed-sexy glory. From cutout to full-coverage, backless to halter-neck, these 16 suits are exactly what you need to dive into summer head-first.