Maxine Dillon Makes Recycled Bags You'll Love To Wear

There's nothing like reminiscing about the past—old boyfriends, old hair don'ts, old clothes. That beat-up leather/denim jacket you wore all throughout high school makes you nostalgic; but considering how ill-fitting it is now, how will you resurrect it? Maxine Dillon knows exactly what to do to turn that '80s don't to a 2010 do. Every one-of-a-kind handbag by Maxine Dillon is made from the deconstruction of a jacket from fashion's past, made into a chic pouch purse or bucket bag that is definitely not a current faux pas. Dillon's mantra of "evolution in design" is innovative, stylish, and totally green. If you have any ex-jackets you want to give the Maxine Dillon treatment, send them right over to her Los Angeles studio, and voila! you'll have your own one-and-only bag. We love that we can carry a little bit of history with us everywhere we go.

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