These Exist: BlackMilk’s Lord Of The Rings Dresses With Middle Earth Maps

Geeks aren't chic anymore. They just are. (Anyone who is psyched about the GoT new season isn't a geek, they're reasonable human beings with a taste for fantastic adventure and dragons, duh.) With the advent of sharing Internet memes, the popularity of shows like Battlestar, Lost, or Dr. Who, and the fact that almost every A-lister has a comic book role under their belt, the niche has become, well, mainstream. Which is why everyone now must wear hobbit clothing — right now.
Yes, LOTR-inspired clothing. And we aren't talking about Elven cloaks and Mythril shields, but bodycon dresses courtesy of Aussie blog-brand BlackMilk. Tiny dresses with Aragorn's face are just one style, but there are also middle earth maps on a legging, or "The One Ring" as a cheeky swimsuit. All of these photorealistic styles are modeled by, of course, BlackMilk's super pretty models, showing you how wearing Gandalf's face can be done on a daily basis. Which means your minor in Elven languages doesn't make you a weirdo anymore, it makes you a part of the normal crowd. (See, Mom!? See!? We told you it would pay off!)
Photos: Courtesy of BlackMilk

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