Loewe Partners With Knot On My Planet — & 100% Of Proceeds Go To Charity

We're making a habit out of holding the fashion industry accountable towards improving its sustainability practices. But, we also need to hold ourselves responsible as shoppers, and that means making more ethically conscious buying decisions. Introducing Shop It Forwardour new bi-weekly column that highlights the brands and retailers making an active, note-worthy difference in the world through charitable initiatives. It's time to start shopping smart.
Remember the pint-sized elephant bag that became a street style staple a couple seasons back? From pink to brown, Loewe's animal-shaped purse was seen tucked under the arms of some of the industry's most prominent names. Now, the Spanish fashion house is reclaiming the design in the best way — by launching a new variation of the style that benefits Knot On My Planet, launching today on Loewe.com and at Bergdorf Goodman. 100% of the proceeds (each bag retails for $1,650) will be donated to the Elephant Crisis Fund, which helps "provide rapid, catalytic support for projects designed to stop the killing of elephants, thwart traffickers, and end the demand of ivory."
As for the bag itself, this particular charitable style is crafted from tan calfskin and is adorned with handcrafted beadwork by the women of the Samburu Workshop in Northern Kenya (who also have a close relationship to the project through their work with conservationists in the area).
These days, it can feel like our money is being pulled in so many different directions — at a time when many worthy causes need our attention, time, voice, and dollars, it's a lot to navigate. But, the least we can do as shoppers is ensure that even our style splurges are helping something, someone, or someplace. And that's why this project is so important. As model Doutzen Kroes, Knot On My Planet's global ambassador, said, "I think luxury brands are actually tapping into the fact that customers want to buy luxury items and give back at the same time." So if the middle of summer has you pondering your next big investment piece, consider making it one where you know where your money is going.
LOEWE x Knot On My Planet Elephant Mini Bag K O M P Tan, $1,650, available at Loewe.
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