Shop It Forward: 7 Brands Making It Easy to Donate to The ACLU

As we hold the fashion industry more accountable towards improving its sustainability practices, we also need to hold ourselves responsible for making more ethically conscious shopping decisions. Introducing: Shop It Forward our new bi-weekly column that highlights the brands and retailers making an active difference in the world through charitable initiatives, because it's time to start shopping smart.
We live in trying times. From the First Lady sporting a jacket with the line "I Really Don't Care, Do U?" to visit migrant children at the border to Louis Vuitton seating an alleged rapist front row at its latest show, fashion is coming to the forefront in a regressive way.
Now, more than ever, it's important to open the discussion on how our purchasing power — a.k.a where we decide to spend our money and what we decide to spend it on — impacts the world around us. While we're aware of how tempting it is to hide from the chaos, there are so many ways — big and small — that we can raise money, awareness, and support for the organizations that are fighting each and every day for our human rights. When it comes to giving back, everyone has their thing. This is ours.
This week, Shop It Forward is paying homage to an organization that, especially today, deserves more support than ever. The ACLU, or the American Civil Liberties Union, is dedicated to fighting for the rights of everyone, from protecting the LGBTQ+ community to ensuring that the Trump Administration is being held accountable for its actions. So before you pack up for the holiday weekend, why not do so with something more in mind? Ahead, we've rounded up 7 brands that aren't just donating to the ACLU, but are actually creating mindful campaigns and products that raise awareness while funding for the organization.

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