Mansions To Rent For A Dirt-Cheap Friends Getaway

Photo: Courtesy of HomeAway.
The dilemma: You want to take an unforgettable vacation with a bunch of your besties, but you need it to be affordable. You already learned the hard way that summer share houses are the worst; you could go with a hostel or split one nice hotel room amongst far too many people, but you want to relax — not recreate senior year spring break.
Well, we have good news. You can take a fabulous trip with all of your friends, and spend way less than you would at any Hamptons share house, sketchy hostel, or split-four-ways beachfront hotel. How? Because you can rent one of these insane private houses — which all accommodate at least 10 guests — for about the same per person nightly cost as an Uber ride to the airport. We're talking luxe properties with heated pools, private screening rooms, hot tubs, and most important, privacy.
Note: Prices reflect the most current information available, and may be subject to change. Some rentals may require a minimum stay. Refer to the original listings for more information.

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