Julianne Hough Doesn't Like Her Husband's Toe-Sucking Fetish

PHoto: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.
Last week, Julianne Hough’s husband Brooks Laich opened up about one of the activities they like to do in bed: toe-sucking. “I do that. My wife really enjoys it when I suck on her toes. True story. Hey, we play around. Why not?” he said on an episode of his podcast How Men Think.
Now, Hough has a correction: Laich loves sucking her toes, but she’s not that into it. “I was like, ‘Let me clear that up.’ He likes to suck on my toes, I don’t like it!” she said in an interview with People at a live taping of America's Got Talent.
Hough clarified that she wasn’t upset that her husband opened up about their sex life, though. “We’re both so open. We never ask each other for permission because that means somebody has power over one another,” she said. “We just make sure we know we respect each other. Whatever topic he brings up, it’s great.”
Toe-sucking, foot jobs, and other types of foot fetish play are more common than many people may think. One 2007 study of people belonging to online fetish groups found that almost half — 47% — of group members were into feet or objects associated with feet, making them the most common fetish. “Footjob” is the 140th most popular search on Pornhub, and it’s particularly popular among men ages 18 to 34.
At the same American's Got Talent taping, Hough opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how supportive Laich has been after she revealed that she's not straight in an interview with Women's Health.
"My husband is the most supportive person ever. We talk about it all the time, if that was not the case we would have a very different relationship. But the reason why our relationship works is because we're completely raw and open and exposed," she said. "At the end of the day, people are going to take whatever headlines they are going to take, and they did, and that is totally fine. But at the end of the day, if I feel like I have something to hide, in any sense, then that's not me being totally me."

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