5 Outfits That’ll Make You Want To Wear A Skirt Over Pants, No Joke

As we know, Instagram loves a good throwback: It's true for weekly baby pictures, and for styling tricks, too. A little while back, our unofficial playground uniform of skirts over pants got the red carpet treatment, courtesy of Emma Watson. With a little help from Raf Simons, she layered her trousers under a Dior dress, and the trend was deemed high fashion. Ever since, we've seen it on runways and, of course, Instagram. Bringing #ThrowbackThursday and #OOTD together into one chic square, our favorite bloggers are constantly reinventing how we layer our bottoms. From pairing iridescent skirts with taffeta trousers, to coyly sneaking in denim under a tulle gown, see how Instagram's best dressed are bringing it back to the schoolyard.
Stylist Rachelle Yadegar brings together all of your favorite childhood trends into a single skirt-over-pants look: pleats, zippered jeans, and a skirt worthy of a playground princess.
No one can pull off a tricky trend quite like Susie Lau. The Style Bubble blogger packs on the pastels and shiny fabrics for a stand-out outfit.
To make the look less jarring, match your denim to your dress, like Monica Awe-Etuk. Then, add a pop of red to liven things up.
The side slits of Liz Cherkasova's tunic are sexy, but require some reinforcement. Instead of slipping on leggings and calling it a day, the blogger opts for sleek trousers that make the skirt-over-pants look feel very grown up.
If you look closely, you'll notice a hint of blue peeking out from under Shini Park's sheer skirt. The blogger later revealed she layered her trusty boyfriend jeans under her Razan Alazzouni gown — a styling trend we can all get behind.