Rad Or Bad: Emma Watson’s Dior Is Working Double-Duty


Although Emma Watson was born in 1990, the
cover gal is giving us '90s nostalgia on par with Alicia Silverstone's Clueless-meets-Twilight trailer. For the hometown premiere of the Brit babe's latest flick, Watson chose to wear the most versatile of all ensembles: a dress over pants. We can recall when this was the greatest trend, along with crop tops, platform sneakers, and flannels tied around the waist — all styles that have made huge comebacks in recent seasons. Wait, is Watson onto something here?

While an all-black red-carpet look instantly gets Jay-Z's stamp of approval, it has the possibility of running into wallflower territory. But, this outfit from Raf Simons' Christian Dior Couture collection is just the opposite, turning heads in the best way possible. Paired with a simple key pendant necklace and pointy-toe heels, the Perks star gave the '90s style a much-needed modern update.
Did Watson win you over with this monochromatic getup, or would you prefer her to leave the old-school look alone? One thing we can all agree on: We love nothing more than watching Hermione Watson grow into a true fashion tour de force.

Photo: Jonathan Hordle/Rex/Rex USA