How To Stack Your Rings Like A Pro

Stacking your rings is one of those things that seems easy — you're literally just putting on your own jewelry — but, once you get going, you realize it takes some artistry to make it look good, and not haphazard. When our friend Amanda Thomas sent over a sneak peek of her new fall Luv Aj lookbook, with perfectly-accessorized fingers on every page, we knew we had to get the inside scoop on how she styled the shoot.
"The secret is in the editing," Thomas told us. "It can look a bit goofy if you have one too many rings on and they all run into each other. I mean, it’s easy to layer a stack of dainty rings, but when your mixing metals, or experimenting with different weights or thicknesses, it can get a bit more tricky. There is definitely an art to layering!" Naturally, we immediately asked her for all her tips and tricks.
Ahead, you'll find Thomas' advice for pulling off a hand full of rings that only looks like it's been styled by a L.A.-favorite jewelry designer. Oh, and you may want to add a few pieces from the collection to your own ring party. (Budgets beware: They're all dope and available now...)
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