Bring Back The '00s With These Halter & Scarf Tops

Photo: Courtesy of Errortique.
When we first heard that Jessy Linton — co-founder of London salon Keash Braids — was launching a fashion label, we knew summer was finally heating up. With her new label, Errortique — whose name is a mash-up of 'error,' meaning wrong, and 'tique' coming from boutique — Linton aims to create 'semi-luxury' for women with less conventional tastes. "It obviously sounds like 'erotic,'" Linton tells Refinery29, "and I wanted to create pieces for women to feel effortlessly sexy in." The items riff on fun '90s references, with nods to the best of '00s style: think candy-tone colors, handkerchief hems, and a lot of ruching.
"The pieces are inspired by those internet black holes we find ourselves disappearing into when you're searching things like 'silk scarf top 2001' on eBay," Linton says. "I wanted to tap into that. They're nostalgic pieces that have been stripped back and made over in more luxurious fabrics. The silhouettes are based on lots of the clothing I grew up on, watching MTV and The Simple Life. They're inspired by brands like Juicy Couture, Versace, Escada, and early '00s Prada. The print for this collection draws on some iconic fashion moments, like my favorite Louis Vuitton collaboration, Stephen Sprouse's graffiti bags."
With an e-commerce site now live (one that offers international shipping!), now's the time to stock up on beaded slip skirts, wrap shirts, and our personal favorite, a velvet halter top that's one part-J.Lo, one part-Julie Cooper from The O.C, and 100% summer in the city. "I'd like women of all ages to feel like there is a piece they could slot into their wardrobe," Linton adds. "I think women have such a spirited approach to personal style that's two fingers up at the conventional ideas of 'sex appeal' or 'femininity.' I wanted to make fun clothes for having fun in."