Park-To-Party Separates For Summer In The City

When we heard that Jessy Linton – cofounder of the very cool salon Keash Braids – was launching a fashion label, we knew summer was finally heating up. One half of the duo responsible for packing your Insta feed with braided locks, the London-based womenswear and denim designer has now unveiled her new brand, Errortique.
"'Error' meaning wrong, and 'tique' coming from boutique – so, 'the wrong boutique'. It obviously sounds like 'erotic', and I wanted to create pieces for women to feel effortlessly sexy in," Jessy tells Refinery29.
The aim is to create 'semi-luxury' for women with less conventional tastes, and the pieces riff on fun '90s references, with nods to the best of '00s style. Think candy-tone colours, handkerchief hems, and a lot of ruching. Our favourite piece? The velvet halterneck, which comes in pistachio green or powder pink: one part J.Lo, one part Julie Cooper from The O.C, 100% summer in the city.
We asked Jessy how she's styling these park-to-party staples, where her mates (like director Leonn Ward, the women of creative agency Babyface, and hairstylist Taiba Akhuetie) hang out in summer, and the trashy TV references she returns to again and again. Click through to get all the info.