How To Return What You Buy While Mercury Is In Retrograde

Photographed by Kate Anglestein.
The next Mercury retrograde is coming! And while many have warned us to be "responsible" during the reoccurring three-and-a-half week period, we're only human. We’ve learned a few lessons the hard way from the Mercury's out of whack orbit, which is why we’ve decided to try and prep ourselves in advance. Disclaimer: We can’t stop you from making the poor decision to text your ex or sign a loan on a house you can't afford, but we can help ease the pain of any regrettable purchases you make during the period.
Shopping while Mercury is in retrograde is akin to drunk shopping: You know you shouldn't do it, but some other force convinces you to anyway. As long as you're smart about holding onto return labels and tags, though, it's still possible to recoup. To prove not all hope is lost thanks to regrettable purchases of mini cake pop makers, a zebra print leather jacket, or something else you're otherwise non-Mercury-affected personality would never buy, we've rounded the stores with some up the best return policies out there. From the anecdotes that Zara will allegedly take anything, at any time, in just about any condition, to Nordstrom's generous lack of a time limit on returns and exchanges, these may just save your sanity.