Where You Can Buy Vintage Dior For Literally $15

Photo: Catwalking/Getty Images.
It's not every day one has the patience to find something really good on eBay. Or maybe that's just me. Only recently did I embrace the idea of vintage shopping, but since then I've copped some seriously insane stuff (vintage Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, etc.). Here's what I've learned: It ain't as easy as It girls like Camille Rowe and Caroline de Maigret make it look. And sometimes, thrift stores just don't have what I want. So I had to suit up and dive in head first into the crazy, insane world that is eBay.
My most recent excursion led me down a path of vintage Dior track jackets. Random, I know — but for, like, $15? I'll take two, please. Why I wanted a jacket when it's 97 degrees outside is beyond me, but something told me I'd stumbled upon something cool; sort of like the jackpot of Oh, this? It's vintage type of street-style gold.
Trends are cyclical, so it's no surprise that 40+ years later, the French house is continuing to revamp these each season. The image at the right is actually from this season! But if you've never taken stock of the Dior track jacket before, you're not alone. Among all the Dior staples, the track jacket is probably its least celebrated. I tried to trace its origins, but couldn't find any campaign, no runway moments — nada. But, that underdog quality is good timing. In a trend cycle that's heavy on the sportswear, I was surprised to find that vintage Dior tracksuits seemed like an untapped goldmine, at least on eBay.
In the slideshow ahead, we scanned through eBay pages so you don't have to. Ranging from $15 to $120 for a full set (at least, before someone like Kanye West thrusts them mainstream), there's a color for pretty much everyone, especially those who want something a little less Malibu than a Juicy Couture tracksuit (which is, apparently, on its way back, too). And if you can't find what you want on eBay, this is only just the beginning. There's tons more on Etsy, as well.

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