Say Goodbye: Today Is Delia’s Last Day Online

UPDATE #3: Today is Delia's last day online, and your last chance to shop the site (the liquidation continues in some of its stores, but most will shut down very soon). We're not sure what's going to happen to the web domain, but if whoever's in charge of shutting it all down knows anything about respect, it'll become a shrine to plastic blow-up chairs, ringer tees, and daisy prints for the rest of time.
UPDATE #2: The sad decline of Delia's continues today, with CNN Money reporting that the former teen retailing giant is liquidating all of its merchandise both in stores and online. The brand's website is currently trumpeting a sale of 30% to 50% off all merchandise, including clearance items — so now's your last chance to score yourself a cute hoodie or floral Nirvana tee. The stores will also be selling off their furniture and fixtures, so this is truly an "everything must go" situation. This announcement caused Delia's stock to plunge further to a penny per share. Click ahead to savor the brand's late-'90s salad days, full of Dickies pants and spaghetti-strap tanks. We'll be fine, really — we just have some glitter stuck in our eye!
UPDATE #1: Delia’s is about to delist itself from Nasdaq — the result of its stock dropping to a mere 11 cents per share, reports BuzzFeed. And, with that, the teen brand whose catalogs were once the most exciting thing to land in your mailbox is basically on its way out, and we’re faced with having to say goodbye to one of the most influential parts of our adolescence. While it's likely that this time next year there may no longer be such a thing as Delia's and its six-page spreads of Paul Frank tees, we're still happy to hold on to these memories from our beloved catalog brand's heyday, 4eva.
It was the summer of 1999, and we all wore shoes that could double as flotation devices and grandfathers probably wore pants that fit them better than ours did. We spent our time (when we weren't at the mall) logged on to AOL, watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer on the WB, and jamming to Blink 182 CDs. Our constant companion? The Delia's catalog, featuring wholesome-lookin' lasses with amazingly flat-ironed hair, relaxed fit khakis, and stretchy chokers. Some wonderful Flickr user uploaded the entire Delia's catalog from summer '99 for our early afternoon trip down memory lane. Now… a show of hands — who remembers?

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