30 Mental Comebacks For When People Don't "Get" Your Outfit

Sure, eating and family togetherness are wonderful things. But, there's more to Thanksgiving than that. After all, what former high school misfit doesn't relish the thought of arriving back in her podunk hometown, looking effortlessly, big-city cool in front of that former head cheerleader who never quite made it out of her low-rise days?
Romy and Michele fantasies aside, there's always the chance that the style savvy you've picked up in your years since leaving home will cause more gawking, pointing, and backhanded compliments than envy. But, no matter. You're not only confident in the person you've become, you're also confident enough not to get into a shade-off while in line getting hot dogs at Costco. Out loud, you might say, "Oh, I like it though," but these 30 comebacks are what you're really going to be thinking.
Ahead, read our complete guide to not letting the hometown haters get you down — and consider it your (mental) armor for when you get that side-eye as you walk into your local dive bar in your crop top and culottes.

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