This Exists: A $57,000 Necklace Made of Dinosaur Bones and Diamonds

dinossaur-1Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi.
We’ve seen earrings made of anaconda bones. Necklaces made of human skeleton (no thank you). Even jewelry made of mammoth ivory, which was the unlikeliest trendy material a few years back. But dinosaur bones? That’s a new one.
Less creepy than your usual animal-bone accessories, Monique Péan’s one-of-a-kind prehistoric-pendant necklace contains fossilized walrus, dinosaur bone, white gold, and diamond accents. (The price tag: $57,000. Welp!)
While the idea of carrying the remains of a T rex around your neck sounds pretty crazy, it’s not entirely unusual. Apparently dinosaur-dung jewelry is actually a thing. And, dinosaur bones are actually fairly easy to come by — you can find them on eBay! — so jewelers don’t have to crash an archeological dig or break into a museum to get the stuff. (Though there is, obviously, a finite number of bones available.)
Still, dinosaur remains in fine, fashion-forward jewelry? That’s definitely new. But, at $57,000, we’re not sure if even the most well-heeled Jurassic Park fan would pounce on it. (The Cut)
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