12 Of The Best No-Fuss Bras

When it comes to discussing our lingerie drawer, we tend to mention all of the ways we can beef it up — how we can treat ourselves to something nicer than our stretched out nude bra and period panties. But for every lacy bra we recommend, it needs to be offset by something more realistic for day-to-day wear. So it's time we take a little journey back to the ultimate bra basic: cotton.
Bras were intended to offer support and functionality. So while pretty lingerie can be an easy way to make us feel a little sultrier underneath it all, it's not always the most sensible option. Lace can feel too fussy for a Wednesday, ruffles can cause weird lines in your T-shirt, and ugh, I can't be the only one who's experienced nipple chafing from improperly lined mesh. Though we'll never turn down buying a new embroidered bralette, our undergarment collection needs a touch of simplicity. And cotton is trusty, reliable, so damn easy to wash, and, best of all, it'll cradle your breasts all day without an ounce of discomfort.
Since it's not too much to ask for both comfort and cute, grant your girls the gift of all day ease with these no-fuss cotton bras ahead.
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