This Fall, Give Clogs A Chance

Even if you wore them in 2001, the thought of clogs today likely sends shivers down your spine. One mention of the clunky, backless wooden shoe, and visions of gnomes, gardeners, Amsterdam tourist traps, and Pippi Longstocking flash into your mind. They don't exactly get the most fabulous rep, do they?
Around 2011, clogs experienced somewhat of a renaissance when Alexa Chung wore some sling-back tan versions in a kind of Ali MacGraw, down-on-the-farm way, and we all totally ate it up...for a brief moment. This year, however, the folk aesethetic might actually be back in full force (thanks particularly to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, who's single-handedly dressed the red carpet in his geek-chic, Wes Anderson-esque designs).
In fact, we should have seen (or rather heard) clogs coming when Michele made them over with the addition of a cheeky fur lining and Gucci's signature horse bit buckle. Fancy, huh? Then, cult Parisian shoe designers Robert Clergerie and Amelie Pichard gave clogs the once over in calfskin and patent flame-embossed styles, respectively, making us rethink our feelings on the shoe after all.
This time around, keep things super '70s, and take tips from the queen of funky dressing, Florence Welch who, in Gucci head-to-toe shows us how to style a clog in 2016. Wear any of the options ahead with lots of denim, and those aformentioned opinions on the wooden shoe might cease to exist.

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