13 So-Fly Gems We're Totally Bugging Over

Okay, so maybe real-life beetles, spiders, and bees kinda creep us out. Actually, who are we kidding? We're total wusses, and we couldn't even go near a daddy longlegs just to shoo it out of our apartment. And, bees? Forget about it. We'll tear up at the mere thought of being stung by one. But, this is all beside the point. Because, phobia or not, the buggy jewelry pieces we're bringing you are seriously cool.
Ahead, peep Delfina Delettrez's quirky bee earring, which almost makes us forget about how much we loathe this summertime pest. Or, check out Cast of Vice's totally chic fly pins, which, thankfully, come sans incessant buzzing. There are plenty of more affordable options from Topshop and Pixie Market, too. So, perhaps, we can give these critters another chance — that is, as long as they're made from our favorite metals and gemstones.

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