Pencil Skirts Are Still The Best Work Skirts, According To Math

Rank & Style's latest findings confirm what we sort of suspected: Pencil skirts are the best kind of work skirts. But, truthfully, we can't say we wholeheartedly agree. Nothing against the pencil, but we find that a trumpeted, pleated, or full A-line option can be just as professional, too. Unfortunately, it's a bit tricky to argue with math.
Rank & Style's findings are based on customer reviews, editorial coverage, and buzz — sourced from all over the web. If they claim that the 5th & Mercer number to the right is the very best work skirt you could buy — and as much as we prefer a range of office-ready options — we take the advice seriously.
One pleasant surprise however, was that the top-ranked skirt does come with a subtle-but-impactful exposed zipper down the back. And, with its slim fit, it's actually a pretty sexy silhouette that will provide you with many styling options. In other words: With a strategic combination of all-day heels, petite-but-practical handbag, and sleek fall topper, this staple is poised for play just as much as it is for work. Check out all the available options ahead.

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