24 Vintage Picks That Are Almost Better Than Buying New

What goes around, comes around. No saying better identifies the fashion industry and its cycle of trends. 2017 has been filled with comebacks from every decade in between the '60s and the early 2000s, which means vintage curators have truly been given their moment in the spotlight. With platforms like Instagram, Etsy, and dePop, small vintage sellers are finding ways to narrow in on the trends that have been creeping back and tailoring their aesthetic to match.
Whereas vintage shopping was once relegated to your local boutiques and secondhand shops, you can now shop for great vintage just about anywhere online. It's not too difficult to find sellers who will sell on-trend items at an affordable price, and provide reasonable shopping fees. To wet your appetite, we've rounded up some items we're eyeing now — all for less than $250. Because when there are so many "vintage-inspired" jeans and jackets at the stores, you may as well just go ahead and splurge on the real thing.