The New & Easy Way To Dress Like Your Favorite Insta-Girl

Instagram — the place where we gather inspiration, information, and throw out "likes" left and right — is now also the place where we shop. Beyond following your favorite big-name brands, the social media network has become a marketplace for creatives all over the world to sell their goods, whether it's pieces they've designed or selections they're curating. Of course, it helps if you've already grown a following and nailed down a specific aesthetic, but the truth is, anyone can launch their own business via Instagram.
These small, independently-run brands, however, are filling certain gaps in the market — namely, affordable vintage. (Just think how many times you've wished you could copy your favorite Insta-girl's outfit, only to find out it's thrifted). And beyond covetable items (often at accessible prices), the accounts offer a sense of community, and the stores feel personable — like they're directly run by a real, live human (that's because they are).
"I couldn't find anyone who sold affordable designer vintage items for everyday wear and instead of just suggesting other vintage sellers I knew of, I decided to start my own," Subrina Heyink, founder of the recently launched, Instagram-focused vintage shop, Subrina Heyink Vintage, tells Refinery29. "Another factor was that I wanted to represent black women who loved vintage as much as I did. My intention with the shop is to make designer items available to people who wouldn't be able to afford to buy anything from big vintage shops," she explains — adding that she recently sold a pair of Gucci sling-backs to a college student for just $92. "[Instagram] has made starting a business, especially in fashion, less intimidating and has allowed me to meet and collaborate with the most wonderful women."
Click on to get to know four blogger-founded brands we love — and if it doesn't inspire you to open a shop of your own, it will at least get you one step closer to dressing like your Insta-idol.
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The Founder: Subrina Heyink
The Shop: Subrina Heyink Vintage
What To Expect: Almost too-good-to-be true prices on the trends you've been scoping out in high-end stores.

Subrina Heyink Vintage Faux Pearl Earrings, $18, available at Subrina Heyink Vintage.
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Subrina Heyink Vintage Levi's Denim Mini Skirt, $28, available at Subrina Heyink Vintage.
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Subrina Heyink Vintage Valencia Crochet Dress, $48, available at Subrina Heyink Vintage.
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The Founder: Maria Bernad
The Shop: Les Fleurs Vintage
What To Expect: Everything Bernad has become known for on her own personal feed, from boxy blazers to netted bags.

Les Fleurs Shoulder Pad Jacket, $58.93, available at Les Fleurs.
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Les Fleurs Salmon Silk Blouse, $53.03, available at Les Fleurs.
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Les Fleurs Beige Blouse, $47.13, available at Les Fleurs.
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The Founder: Lucia Zolea
The Shop: Lucia Zolea
What To Expect: Prada. Gucci. Chanel. Need we say more?

Gucci Vintage Wheat Linen Safari Blazer, $280, available at Lucia Zolea.
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Prada Vintage Mules, $160, available at Lucia Zolea.
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Vintage Gingham Thin Strap Dress, $180, available at Lucia Zolea.
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The Founder: Alyssa Miller
The Shop: Pilgrim
What To Expect: Fashion girl vintage with a southern, Texas twang.

Pilgrim '70s Floral Crop Top, $110, available at Pilgrim.
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Pilgrim '90s Floral Midi Skirt, $90, available at Pilgrim.
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Pilgrim '70s High Waisted Shorts, $150, available at Pilgrim.
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edited by Jesse Rindner; produced by Nicola Pardy.
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