Clutches That Are Cute & Actually Useful

If you've ever seen a celebrity walking down the red carpet with nothing but an itty bitty 2 inch x 4 inch clutch and wondered, "Huh, do they have an assistant to hold their phone," fall in line. Clutches are cute, clutches can serve a purpose, but unfortunately, most clutches are also incapable of fitting anything in their small space.
When heading out for an evening, a small bag seems like the obvious decision; clunky bags are just not dancing or mingling friendly. But every downsized bag seems to leave out one simple fact — a girl still needs to be able to fit her essentials into said bag. Packing a clutch then turns into a fun game of pick only two of three: tampons, lipstick, or a wad of cash.
So lo and behold, we've found 17 clutches that will actually hold your shit. Whether you're trying to pack in an iPhone 7+, an overnight maxi pad, a wallet overstuffed with obsolete gift cards, or all of the above, skip the rinky dink box bags in favor of one of the more expandable options ahead.