16 Bikinis To Pack For Your Tropical Getaway

There's a reason so many people's go-to winter mantra is "think warm thoughts." But dreaming of hot cocoa and a fireplace only lasts as long as the commute from the car to your front door. For those of us not blessed to live somewhere summer-y all year round, half of what gets us through sub-zero weather is the promise of the seasons to come — and a middle of winter tropical vacation, of course.

Whether you're jetting off for the holidays or have a January jaunt planned, it's all about the sweet feeling of stripping off that heavy winter coat. And what better swap to make than giving up your Sorel boots for a bright new bikini and some flip-flops? Ahead, we've rounded up 16 two-piece swimsuits to get you pumped for your upcoming getaway. The beach is so close, we can almost taste those tropical-pun cocktails...

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