The Hottest Beach Sex Stories On Reddit (You’re Welcome)

Photographed by Renell Medrano.
Sex on the beach might be a tasty cocktail, a common fantasy, and a staple of romantic movies. In reality, there are a few logistics to plan for. You need to choose a secluded area, keep public nudity laws in mind, and bring a towel (because if sand gets in the wrong place, it can really hurt). You might want to bring a beach bag with condoms and some silicone-based lube (better for sex in the water than water-based lube).
“The better-equipped you are, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the moment,” sex and relationship therapist Kimberly Sharky, LMFT, CST, previously told Refinery29. “The bigger the blanket, the less likely you are to get sand all over the place. And, bring a bottle of water to wash yourself off afterward.”
Although you might need a little more prep time in real life than in your fantasies, beach sex can sometimes be even hotter than it is in the movies. These sexy stories from Reddit prove it.