Sex On The Beach Movie Scenes To Copy This Summer

Anhelo Prod/Ifc/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock
Next time you’re caught in a thunderstorm and feel the urge to make out with someone, blame the movies. We can thank pop culture for molding certain romantic tropes, like kissing in the rain, leaping into a lover’s arms in airports, and associating fireworks with epic romance. Still, no act of passion is more iconic than a tryst on the sand or in the waves. Thanks to From Here to Eternity, many have attempted the clumsy, difficult, close-to-impossible act of sex on the beach.
Sex on the beach is one of those things that, at first, seems like a good idea. But when you consider free-range sand particles, aggressive waves, and potential arrest for public exposure, you start be thinking otherwise.
That said, if you’re still doggedly pursuing the idea of an eternal summer, look no further than these movie scenes for instructions on beachside passion. They’ll teach you the Hollywood ways of love better than anyone. Watch these movies, then head out to catch your wave. Or just settle for the cocktail the act inspired instead.

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