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Next time you’re caught in a thunderstorm and feel the urge to make out with someone, blame the movies. We can thank pop culture for molding certain romantic tropes, like kissing in the rain, leaping into a lover’s arms in airports, and associating fireworks with epic romance. Still, no act of passion is more iconic than a tryst on the sand or in the waves. Thanks to From Here to Eternity, many have attempted the clumsy, difficult, close-to-impossible act of sex on the beach.
Sex on the beach is one of those things that, at first, seems like a good idea. But when you consider free-range sand particles, aggressive waves, and potential arrest for public exposure, you start be thinking otherwise.
That said, if you’re still doggedly pursuing the idea of an eternal summer, look no further than these movie scenes for instructions on beachside passion. They’ll teach you the Hollywood ways of love better than anyone. Watch these movies, then head out to catch your wave.
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If you like ABBA:

Mamma Mia (2008)

In the universe of Mamma Mia, singing "Lay All Your Love on Me" by ABBA is pretty convincing foreplay. A tanned and sandy Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and Sky (Dominic Cooper) traipse around a beach.
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If you have no beach access:

Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

Then just get yourself into a shower, just like Anastasia and Christian do in Fifty Shades.
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If you're heading to Europe:

EuroTrip (2004)

There's no need to cover up in a beach in Europe.
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If you like sweeping, old-fashioned romance, set to violins:

The Thorn Birds (1983)

The attraction between a priest, Father Ralph (Richard Chamberlain), and Meggie (Rachel Ward), farm girl on an Australian ranch, reaches its forbidden (an inevitable) climax.
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If you take your cues from the classics:

From Here to Eternity (1953)

In the face of overwhelming passion, who cares about rushing waves, sand getting into hair, and being tossed by the wind and sea? Sergeant Warden (Burt Lancaster) and his boss’s wife Karen (Deborah Kerr) certainly don't. In this iconic beachside make-out sesh, the pair succumbs to a clandestine affair.
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If you think rushing water heightens the mood:

Cocktail (1988)

Moral of the story: If you want a life of lush beachscapes and passionate affairs, become a bartender. In Cocktail, Tom Cruise plays one whose ambitions of attending college are sidetracked by his newfound life of hedonism. He ends up opening his own bar in Jamaica, where he and an artist (Elisabeth Shue) have sex under a waterfall, among many other carnal pursuits.
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If sex on the beach isn’t ambitious enough:

The Beach (2000)

Then baby, you gotta go underwater. By way of a mysterious map, Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) treks to a secluded beach paradise in Southeast Asia. He and Françoise (Virginie Ledoyen), another backpacker on the island, consummate their flirtation one night on the beach. But that's not all. Françoise and Richard make out while fully submerged in water. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out how oxygen is transferred in such circumstances.
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If you’re not really a beach person, in the end:

Swimfan (2002)

While pools lack the naturalistic glory of the sun and surf, they're undoubtedly the more reliable option for waterlogged makeout sessions. In Swimfan, a swim lesson between Ben (Jesse Bradford) and Madison (Erika Christensen) quickly gives way into something else entirely.
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If you’re not afraid of a little sand:

Woman in the Dunes (1964)

In this Japanese art house film, two people are consigned to dig a pit for the rest of their lives — or until the villagers decide to free them. Aside from digging, eating, and sleeping, there’s not much else to do but have sex. Woman in the Dunes has half the ingredients of a beach tryst: Sand, and lots of it.
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If you’re looking to learn a thing or two:

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

In this comedy, the freewheeling English rockstar, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), demonstrates the ins and outs of sex to Darald (Jack McBreyer), who’s preparing for his wedding night with his wife. Being the Jack Sparrow of rockstars, Snow uses the extra-large beachside chess pieces to aid his choreography.
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If you’re aspiring to become a teenage nymph:

The Blue Lagoon (1980)

The premise of Blue Lagoon is like a sexually charged Lord of the Flies. After their ship is wrecked, two Victorian teenagers find themselves stranded on an idyllic Pacific island. As they get tanner and their hair more unkempt, Richard (Christopher Atkins) and Emmeline (Brooke Shields) shake off the confines of their Victorian society and explore their sexuality. They have sex on essentially every square inch of the island.

Shields and Atkinson are nude for a good portion of Blue Lagoon. Shields was only 14 at the time of filming. As an adult, Shields had to testify in front of a U.S. Congressional Inquiry to prove body doubles were used for the explicit portions of the sex scenes.
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If you’re practicing at being Aphrodite:

Dr. No (1962)

Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, emerged from foamy waves off the coast off the island of Cyprus. In what is perhaps a sly reference to mythology, Dr. No’s Bond girl Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) emerges from the Jamaican sea and catches Bond’s eye. Okay, it's not a sex scene — but it's a great way to make an entrance.
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If you have a beach house:

Adore (2013)

Roz (Robin Wright) and Lil's (Naomi Watts) lives have been intertwined ever since they could remember. As children, they lived in neighboring houses on Australia's Gold Coast; as adults, they raised their teenage sons alongside each other. So what happens when each begins carrying out affairs with the other's son? For one, encounters on the beach, on floating docks, and overlooking the coast in beautiful mansions.
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If you believe in the healing powers of a mud bath:

Sex and Lucia (2002)

Lucia (Paz Vega) runs off to a remote island off the coast of Spain. And where there are remote islands, there is bound to be beachside sex. Though the movie opens with a more typical sex on the beach scene, this encounter between Lucia and Carlos (Daniel Freiere), a local scuba diver, takes commitment to the beach to the next level. Carlos covers Lucia in mud.
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If you've brought your friends along:

Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

Julio (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Tenoch (Diego Luna) are two 17-year-old friends who convince an alluring older woman to travel with them to a beach called Heaven's Mouth. The only issue? Said beach does not actually exist. Before they head back to a motel, Lucia gives into simmering sexual tension at a beachside restaurant, and starts dancing with the boys.
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