For Amazing Sex This Summer, Get Wet & Get Out (Of Your Comfort Zone)

As the temperature (and for us unlucky non-desert-dwellers, the humidity index) continues to rise, how can we keep the spark alive when all we want to do is stand, zombie-like, in front of a fan? With these tips, you just might be able to cool off while heating things up.
Get your SO to help wash the car or water the plants, and don’t be afraid to start a friendly water war. With any luck, it’ll lead to something a bit more playful than your household chores.
So, you never got around to booking that beach getaway; who cares? You can still find a more local change of scenery. Even if it’s just volunteering to watch your friend’s apartment (preferably one with AC) for a weekend, a new environment can shake up your routine and give you and your partner some much-needed downtime together.
Click through for more tips to keep your summer sexy-hot — not sweaty-hot. Shape.

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