20 Of The Best & Worst Summer Flings On Film

Photo: Moviestore/Rex/Shutterstock.
What is it about summer that gets us so hot and bothered? Is it the reduction in clothing? The vitamin D energy boost? The prospect of going on vacation and actually being able to seduce someone without smacking the snooze button and then sprinting to the office the next morning?
Maybe we all just crave a summer fling because it (usually) looks so damn irresistible on the big screen. Who hasn't fantasized about a sexy camp counselor, lifeguard, or chiseled dance instructor? Don't most flights and train journeys begin with a silent prayer that some stunning adventurer will be in the next seat? Aren't you the teensiest bit bummed when you return from a summer abroad with absolutely nothing to report?
We get it. Just remember that while many of these cinematic summer romances are worth pining after, there are plenty that turn out to be total duds. For every Baby and Johnny, there's a Lisa and Robbie. Sometimes you get a story to tell the grandkids. Sometimes you get a story to tell the judge.
Roll the tape.

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