The Best Shoes To Buy On Amazon

Think about your Amazon shopping habits. You cruise on over to the site to buy the necessities — shampoo, toilet paper, what have you. Then, you click around to find just a few beauty goods you may or may not need. Then that Bjork concert DVD your S.O. has been talking about for one too many weeks. Before you know it, you've officially gone down the Amazon rabbit hole.
But, what about shoes? Does footwear ever make it into your Amazonian cart? Maybe you tend to find your kicks at go-to brands or boutiques, reserving the site of retail mecca for essentials, gifts, and random crap. Believe it or not, Amazon actually stocks a killer shoe offering, complete with forward-feeling silhouettes. You just need to know what to look for. To show you what we mean, we're highlighting 10 awesome boots, shoes, and heels ahead to add to your never-ending shopping list. 

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