A First Look At The Chanel Hula Hoop Bag You Can Buy

To the naysayers (including us, but not Anderson Cooper) who doubted Chanel would ever put the hula hoop bag into production, we present this. The actual, real, shoppable hula hoop bag that might just be yours next spring.
In addition to the gargantuan runway bag we're all familiar with, Chanel also offers a shrunken version. No human could actually hula hoop with this particular bag anymore ("What is this? A hula hoop for ants?"), but it still measures 24 centimeters in diameter, which means you're going to have the weirdest, most in-your-face handbag in your subway car. The bag will retail for $2,400, and will be available in Chanel shops. Get at 'em, weirdos!
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

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