The Secret To Navigating A Foreign City Like A Pro

Ever since we first saw the classic Gen X romance Before Sunrise, we've fantasized about finding ourselves with 24 hours to kill in a foreign city — preferably with a cute stranger we met on the way there. Sadly, most day-long stopovers don't involve strolling the cobblestone streets of Vienna with a '90s-era heartthrob. What they do typically involve? Inevitably getting lost in the city's mass-transit system.
Fortunately, our Style Out There host Asha Leo has the perfect travel hack for those super-quick, impromptu stops: Hop on a bike! "No matter what city I go to, if it’s available to me, my favorite thing to do is ride a bicycle," she says. "I can cover more land than if I’m walking and, unlike with a car, can stop freely."
So, when Leo found herself with a free day in Amsterdam — while filming a segment on Gothic Lolitas, who dress in Victorian-era mourning garb — that's exactly what she did. "The canals, the fascinating, incredible, huge architecture," she gushes. "It's the perfect place to get lost riding a bike." (Though, she didn't get totally lost, thanks to her Moto 360, which helped her dodge traffic and stay on track en route to the Van Gogh Museum.) Above, see how Leo makes the most out of 24 hours in Amsterdam, and be sure to check out all of her globe-trotting in our Style Out There video series.

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