Everything Leaving Netflix In August 2020

During peak summer, when temperatures are so stifling that even taking out the trash seems like a treacherous desert crossing, many people will find any excuse to stay inside and out of the heat. Even if we weren’t in the midst of a global pandemic and advised to shelter-in-place, given the choice, most people would probably opt to quarantine riggggght next to the air conditioner
Luckily, come August, Netflix is blessing us with a whole new slew of movies and TV to entertain us while we try not to melt. Of course, that also means that we need to take a moment to say goodbye to a handful of titles, and thank them for their service during their time on the streaming platform.
As for TV, luckily there are only a few shows on their way out. But those who ride-or-die for the teens on British hit series Skins (including fetus Nicholas Hoult, Kaya Scodelario, Dev Patel, Daniel Kaluuya, among others) will unfortunately have to see the show go.
A few fan-favorite rom-coms are leaving the service, including He's Just Not That Into You, Valentine's Day, and Failure to Launch, as well as notable classics Clueless and Jerry Maguire. And if you were looking forward to bingeing the entire Karate Kid series over an especially scorching weekend, you'll unfortunately have until the end of August, whereafter you'll have to get your — sorry — kicks somewhere else.
Ahead, see the movies and TV shows that will disappear from Netflix in August.

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