You Can Stay In The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Spa Penthouse — If You Can Afford It

Photo: courtesy of ABC.
Last night's episode of The Bachelor was, in the words of Chris Harrison, very dramatic. Our bach boy Peter continues to have no real conversations with literally anyone, but does manage to (probably) sleep with two women and definitely piss off a third one. No matter whose side you’re on in the “Madison is saving herself for marriage, Peter wants to live his sexy life” debacle (personally, I think she's being a bit slut-shamey), one thing last night was very clear — Hannah Ann definitely got the best fantasy suite spot. 
Victoria F.’s fantasy suite was a cute, cozy villa in the middle of the Gold Coast rainforest (at the Songbirds Rainforest Retreat), which is very cool, but the villa only set the production back $300/night. Meanwhile, model and champagne-stealer Hannah Ann got a Penthouse Spa Suite at The Darling Gold Coast that goes for over $2,000/night. I mean, look at that tub and pool!
The Penthouse Spa Suite is located in The Star Resort Gold Coast at The Darling hotel. This gorgeous resort is the Gold Coast cousin of one of the most luxurious Sydney Harbor hotels, The Star Sydney. The suite features an in-room spa and guest rooms with their own separate bathtubs. It also has a wine fridge, a coffee machine, Smeg stovetops, and 65-inch TVs in every room. It overlooks the city of Broadbeach, which sits on the Pacific coast and features a slew of elegant restaurants with food that Hannah and Peter definitely didn't eat.
The suite is readily available for booking, along with various other themed suites, such as a deluxe exercise suite, a deluxe media suite, and a billiards suite featuring a dedicated room for a very fancy pool table and floor to ceiling wraparound windows. So you, too, can have your very own make-out session in the bathroom moment (how many times do you think Hannah Ann has watched Titanic and waited for the moment when she could push her hand up against some frosted glass?), if you’re willing to shell out roughly $2,000.
If the rainforest is more your vibe, or you want to scare your partner with monkey sounds (spoiler alert: according to me Australian fiancé, there are no monkeys native to the Gold Coast, Peter), you can also book a villa at Songbirds — that is if you’re willing to maybe sleep in the same bed where Victoria F. and Peter did the dirty.
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