Bachelor Peter’s Fantasy Suite Conversation With Victoria F. Is A Huge Red Flag

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One relationship has mystified Bachelor viewers all season, but Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller's relationship is still a thing. In fact, Peter used their Fantasy Suite date to explain what it is he really likes about Victoria. All the drama and the times she's stormed off or pushed him away or been unable to answer a relatively basic question about this whole process would make many people end a relationship. But Peter really seems to be attracted to all that. In fact, this week he went so far as to literally say he wants a relationship that's "challenging" and not one that's "easy" and "monotone."
He said all of this to Victoria, who seemed thrilled to be on the same page with him finally — even though, moments before, they weren't. Victoria asked Peter point blank what he needed from her, and he told her that he needed to be confident and trust that she would be there for him and not run away if he said the wrong thing or things got tough. Victoria started to respond but got flustered that she wasn't "giving [him] the answer [he was] looking for." She added, "I don’t know, I just question everything, I guess … I don't know what you want." Well, he just told you, but okay.
But even her frustration in that moment and inability to explain her feelings didn't bother Peter. He told her that, unlike some people, he's not looking for easy. He previously classified their struggles as "fire" and "passion," and said that he found that attractive. "The passion is 100 percent there. There's obviously that fire … some people might think it's too much there, but for me, I'm actually really attracted to that," he said about Victoria. "It's never gonna be a boring relationship."
Many viewers hopped on Twitter to debate Peter's comments about not wanting a "boring," "easy" relationship, believing that he's mistaking drama and frustration and unhealthy patterns for passion and love. Former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey hit the nail on the head when she tweeted, "I don’t know who needs to hear this, but boring relationships are healthy. Fighting all the time and calling it passion is not."
Well, seems like Peter needs to hear that, because his apparent definition of a healthy relationship is a little concerning. Sure, it's okay to want a relationship to be passionate and exciting, but constantly arguing and failing to end up on the same page or ever have a productive conversation are serious red flags. And the biggest red flag of all is that Peter isn't all that concerned about it.
Many viewers thought that Victoria should have gone home long ago, but Peter sees something in her. It's the same thing the rest of us see — that she's obstinate and pushes him away and that things have never been easy for them — but instead of using those as reasons why they're not a match (as Bachelor Nation has), Peter thinks they're signs that they're destined for a passionate, never-dull relationship.
And if he keeps her around for much longer, he may soon realize that not having an easy relationship is actually really hard.

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