Everything Peter & The Bachelor Women Have Said About The Fantasy Suites So Far

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It's happening. On February 24, Peter Weber will go on his Bachelor Fantasy Suite dates, which are already primed for drama. According to promos, whatever goes down in the Fantasy Suite may just lead to one of the Bachelor contestants leaving Peter. Of course, all Bachelor promos have to be taken with a grain of salt, because there's often a lot of creative editing involved. So in the hope of capturing what small truths lie in The Bachelor's promo clips, here's everything Peter and his contestants have said about the Fantasy Suites.

Victoria F. Has Her Own Fantasy Suite Drama

A Victoria Fuller Fantasy Suite preview clip posted by Entertainment Weekly shows that Peter and Victoria F. have yet another miscommunication during their date. During the dinner portion, Victoria says they need to talk about their communication, because that's one of the most important parts of a relationship. Peter agrees and tells Victoria that he needs to feel like he can count on her, because she's left him on multiple dates when tough topics have come up. Even though Peter literally just told her what he needs from her, Victoria says, "I don't know what you want." The frustration is palpable on both ends, and may continue into their overnight date during the actual episode.

Madison Has Something To Tell Peter About The Fantasy Suite

Viewers know that Madison Prewett is saving herself for marriage, but at this point in the show, she has yet to tell Peter that. At the end of the most recent episode, she pulled Peter aside to talk to him. Even if she's not telling him about her virginity yet, Peter knows something major is up. In another preview clip, Peter says, "I know that [Madison's] struggling with the Fantasy Suites this week."
The full season promo that aired at the start of the season reveals that Madison basically has an ultimatum for Peter. "Today I realized I was in love with Peter," she says. "But If he sleeps with anybody else it's gonna be hard for me to continue to move forward."

Hannah Ann & The Fantasy Suite Drama

Most of the promos about Fantasy Suite week feature Victoria getting upset about Madison's ultimatum, and Madison getting upset about Peter having sex with someone else. Hannah Ann Sluss is mostly shown in the previews just listening to Victoria and Madison's sides of everything. The most Hannah contributes is, "I haven't seen Madison like this before." Meanwhile, Victoria tells Hannah, "[Madison's] unwinding. She gave him the ultimatum and, I'm sorry, that's disgusting. Putting him in that position is so unfair." Some of those Victoria lines may have come from confessionals or other conversations than the one with Hannah, but the gist of the promos is that Victoria is angry that Madison "has waited this long to tell him she's a virgin." 
Hannah is also shown patiently listening to Madison talk about her expectations for herself and Peter this week. "It is kind of a black and white situation," Madison tells Hannah. "These are the expectations I have for myself, these are the expectations that I have for our relationship." 

Peter Tells Madison He's Had Sex In The Fantasy Suites

During the dinner portion of their Fantasy Suite date, Madison tells Peter, "I wouldn't be able to move forward if you have slept with the other women." And in another clip, she takes it as far as not being "able to say 'yes' to an engagement," if he has had sex with either Hannah or Victoria. That's when Peter comes clean. "I have been intimate. I can't lie to you about that," he says, while the promo shows shots of him making out with the other women in a bed and against a frosted door.
In another promo, Peter even gives Madison some timeline details. "I don't want this to feel like it's all about sex, but six days prior I was intimate with someone else," he said.
He doesn't reveal who he was intimate with, or whether he was with both women, but it's possible Victoria may be an option. In one of the date previews he had said about her: "The passion is 100 percent there. There's obviously that fire … some people might think it's too much there, but for me, I'm actually really attracted to that."

Madison Could Very Well Leave The Bachelor

In the promo where Peter tells Madison he was intimate six days ago, Madison is wearing a sparkly silver dress on their dinner date. Later, Peter is shown consoling someone in that same dress, and then that same person is shown walking away while a Peter voiceover says, "How do you just walk away, just give up?" All of that plus Madison admitting that she wouldn't know how to move forward if he had sex seems to indicate that she does, in fact, leave him. And soon.

What Peter Has Said About His Sex Life In The Past

Peter has always been open about his sex life, previously saying on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, "I've never been someone that can get like embarrassed about like sex or talking about sex … I'm very passionate, I will say that." He added in an interview with Buzzfeed, "I'm a very passionate person, that will never change. And, um, if I’m feeling it, I show my affection. I guess physical touch is definitely a love language of mine." 
Madison didn't have access to those interviews while filming, but it is a bit odd for it to come as a surprise to her that Peter might sleep with his contestants. His time in the windmill with Hannah Brown is so widely documented now by The Bachelor, fans, reddit, and Twitter that it was the subject of an entire group date earlier this season. Still, Madison seems to have been caught off guard by Peter's admission, and it's possible that she does exit the show as she promised in her ultimatum.
From the looks of things, the Fantasy Suites are rotten for just about everyone involved.

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