Does Madison Really Leave The Bachelor Like The Promos Keep Teasing?

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Peter Weber may be in love with Madison Prewett on The Bachelor, but that may not be enough to keep her on the show. After Peter admitted to being intimate with someone else prior to his Fantasy Suite date with Madison, she got really upset and walked away from him. Then, the February 24 Bachelor finale promo showed Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller waiting for the rose ceremony with Madison nowhere in sight. It sure seems like Madison may have left Bachelor Peter behind. 
Of course, every promo for this show should be taken with a dump truck full of grains of salt, but it does actually seem to look like Madison may leave Peter brokenhearted.  Madison, who is very religious told Peter that she's "saving [herself] for marriage." Because of that choice, she told him prior to Fantasy Suite week that if he slept with anyone else, she wouldn't know how to move forward on the show. Still, Peter was intimate with at least one of his other contestants, and he was honest with Madison about that. She didn't take it well at all.
"I'm so mad at him," she said in a confessional. Peter tried to talk to her later to convince her to stay, but his words may not mean much now. "Do you not think that we can ever get past this?" he asked. "I don’t know," Madison answered. "I'm like torn." Peter begged her not to walk away from this experience if any part of her saw a future with him. She did walk away in that moment, but it could have just been her going home for the night versus leaving. However, with the promo teasing that she isn't at the rose ceremony, she may have left for good.
If she left, it would explain the clips where Peter said something was "just destroying my heart." It would also explain who his mom may have been talking about in those clips of her sobbing and telling Peter, "Don't let her go" and "bring her home to us." We got an expanded version of that moment in this week's promo that included Barbara Weber saying, "That's what love stories are made of " and "god has placed her there for you." Some fans believe that Barbara is referencing god in that moment as a nod to Madison's own faith, which the contestant has been open about on this show.
If Madison did leave in the plane we saw jetting off in one of the promos, Peter may have to pull a Colton Underwood fence jump and cause a production shutdown to win her back like Colton did with Cassie Randolph. But, perhaps Madison doesn't leave at all and all of those references are about someone else leaving — like maybe Victoria F. or Hannah Ann. The bottom line is that previews can and do show whatever they want to entice people to keep watching.
But it's not unlikely that Fantasy Suite week got the best of Madison. That explanation would make sense of the piece in which Peter has to try to "bring her home" like his mom has begged in so many promos. And that would make for quite the dramatic finale, like Chris Harrison always promises.
Update: This story was originally published on Feb. 10, 2020. It has been updated to include new information from The Bachelor.

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