How Many Episodes Of Peter’s Bachelor Season Are Left?

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It feels like Peter Weber's Bachelor season only just started, but we're already just a week away from hometowns. However, even though it feels like it's speeding to a quick ending, The Bachelor finale date is still at least a month away.
In the Feb. 10 episode, Peter's journey to love started to get really serious. He had to whittle his six remaining ladies down to the Bachelor final four for the next week, which will feature Peter traveling to each woman's hometown to meet their families. By design, that's usually a pretty major moment in the series. At this point, if contestants just can't see it with the Bachelor (or vice versa) they leave before hometowns, because meeting the fam is a big deal if you're not feeling it as a couple.
Peter is in the thick of it now as he tries to find a fiancée, and he's taking this as seriously as his women. He even dropped an L-word on Madison Prewett, telling her that he's "falling in love" with her. Does anyone else even stand a chance at this point? Well, yes, because three other women have to join her for the hometowns episode next week, but Madison is a real frontrunner right now.
After that, there are just a handful of episodes to go before the finale airs and we finally get to know what news bomb host Chris Harrison dropped on Peter in the final moments and who (if anyone) Peter actually chooses. Based on previous seasons and how many episodes are left after week 7 (two regular episodes and Women Tell All), the finale date is likely to be Monday, March 9. However, recent seasons have all had two-night finales, which would mean that Peter's final episode would likely air on March 9 and his live After The Final Rose episode would air on March 10. That puts us a month out from the true ending of this whole thing.
There's a lot to come in that month, even if it does seem like we're already in the final stretch. After hometowns comes the Fantasy Suite week and then the Women Tell All, which is likely to be a hot mess considering all the contestant drama this season. Then comes the proposal (if there is one) and the live ATFR that catches us all up on where Peter and his winner (if there is one) are today. These next few episodes are some of the most important of the season — so it's no wonder that Peter's getting in his head a bit about how serious it's all getting. It is really happening! He's falling in love with Madison! And really thinking about maybe considering some of the other women!
It's all getting so real now, but don't worry. Monday nights are still Bachelor nights until early March.

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