Peter’s Bachelor Promos May Just Be Giant Spoilers Now

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The past few weeks of The Bachelor have been focused on all kinds of drama, and now it's finally getting back into what Peter Weber says he's here for: to find love. The new episode 7 Bachelor promo seems to spoil how Peter's season ends. Not because ABC is bad at cutting promos, but because the storm coming our way is starting to become a lot clearer. Like, crystal clear.
The preview for episode 7 showed Peter going on a couple of dates, including a very passionate one with current frontrunner Madison Prewett. Shortly after a clip of them making out played, Peter says in a voiceover, "[I'm] falling in love with her." Gee, is he perhaps talking about Madison? The person who has been nothing but cozy with him all season and hasn't had any drama? Also in the promo, Peter expressed doubts about one of the women, and shots of an emotional Victoria Fuller and a sobbing Hannah Ann Sluss were shown, indicating that it could have been one of them he was talking about. It doesn't really take a promo to know that doubts were coming with either relationship, though.
Peter already had concerns about both Victoria and Hannah. With Victoria, he doesn't feel like she's showing her emotions enough and she basically admitted she isn't ready to marry him. Hannah admitted she hasn't been in love before which — in Peter's eyes — apparently precludes her from being able to find it with him. And then there's Kelley Flanagan, Natasha Parker, and Kelsey Weier. They've all had fine times with Peter, but it's pretty clear he's not super set on any of them. Though he's stood up for her and definitely has chemistry with her, he's had a lot of drama with Kelsey already (drama he stoked, but moving on). His initial spark with Kelley seems to have gone out if their one-on-one was any indication, and he hasn't really made time to truly get to know Natasha. That's probably why they were hardly shown at all in the preview aside from, like, Natasha and Kelley both hoping he would send someone else home. 
Sure, Bachelor promos can be misleading, so maybe Peter isn't talking about falling for Madison or expressing doubts about Victoria or Hannah. But promo aside, based just on Peter's actions and words thus far, Madison is the only one who seems to be on solid ground. She hasn't been in any drama, she hasn't had trouble opening up, Peter hasn't questioned her feelings, his parents already love her, and — this is the big one — it seems Peter may be falling in love with her, too. There. Season over. (Probably.) Maybe we don't need those Reality Steve spoilers after all.
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