Who Is Peter’s Mom Really Crying About In The Bachelor Promo?

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It's typical for the Bachelor and his contestants to be emotional in season previews, but an unexpected twist on Peter Weber's Bachelor season promo is that his mom is also on the verge of tears talking about the woman she wants her son to marry. Many have speculated that Momma Weber is talking about Hannah Brown, because she implores Peter, "Don't let her go" and "bring her home to us."
Hannah Brown may have gone home during the second Bachelor episode instead of joining Peter's season, but she left things on a very unfinished note with Peter. Both of them expressed that they still had feelings for each other. In fact, Peter was more worked up about his lingering feelings for Hannah than any connection he's trying to grow with his contestants. Currently, all signs point to Hannah being the one who has Peter's heart in the end, the one his mom doesn't want him to let go of a second time. Peter also said at a different point in the trailer, "She means way too much to me to be able to let her go," which could reinforce the theory that it's Hannah none of them want to see walk out of their lives.
However, promos are not always to be trusted. Sure, the one about Peter asking Hannah to join his season was actually super accurate. But previous years have made fans cautious about trusting what the show chooses to use in those teasers. Sometimes footage shown in them has straight up never seen in the actual season — like a pregnancy test teased on Chris Soules' season that was never mentioned again and Leah Block having a black eye that was never seen outside of previews on Ben Higgins' season. Usually if a Bachelor preview wants fans to think things go a certain way, it's most likely just crafty editing to throw us off the scent and get us talking.
And while the promo at the end of episode 2 seemed to show more footage of this emotional question mark, we didn't actually learn much more.
Plus, we've only seen two episodes of Peter's season. He may not have super deep connections with anyone now, but his feelings will likely grow. The promo teased that multiple women eventually confess to being in love with him — he may well love one of them back. Right now one of his most significant connections seems to be with Hannah Ann, and the other women in the house can sense that. She's become somewhat of a target amongst the women because she does have a strong connection with Peter and keeps coming out on top. 
There's also the connection he already forged with Kelley outside the show. Perhaps he told his mother about that before the show started and that's why she tells Peter not to let her go and to bring her back. It's also worth noting that Peter's parents both already met Madison when she came to their vow renewal for her one-on-one date. Maybe it's Madison that Peter's mom wants him to bring back home.
We won't know until it's over, because Bachelor spoilers about who Peter chooses in the end are strangely hard to find this season — even on Reality Steve's site. Host Chris Harrison has even hinted that the Peter's Bachelor season may not be quite over. That footage of Peter talking to his mom could have been filmed after the traditional production timeline was over, like the conclusion of Hannah's and Ari Luyendyk's seasons did. Post-production footage is the new normal, so it seems increasingly possible that he changed his mind about who he picked or wanted to go back to Hannah Brown. Although choosing his runner-up would be so Ari, and so 2018.
A lot of fans out there may be rooting for Mrs. Weber to be talking about Hannah Brown, but it's far too soon to tell and it's worth noting that the editing team seemingly wants us to think that far too much.
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