Hannah Brown’s Final Moment On The Bachelor Could Actually Fuel Those Reunion Theories

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When The Bachelor previews first teased Hannah Brown showing up on Peter Weber's season, many fans were convinced that the "will Hannah join Peter's season" storyline was just crafty editing. But it was more accurate than many previews have been in recent seasons. Hannah and Peter really do still clearly have feelings for one another. But now, Hannah has officially left The Bachelor. What was it all for?
As we saw, behind the scenes of Peter's group date (which Hannah was supposed to be hosting) she broke down in tears about still having feelings for Peter. Soon, he joined her backstage and the two of them had a serious talk about how they felt. Neither of them fully felt like their feelings had been resolved, Peter even suggested that maybe she should join his season. He knew that sounded bonkers, but he was so conflicted about what to do — because he did still have feelings for her. This was, cruelly, where the premiere episode left us.
Ultimately, in episode 2, Hannah didn't decide to stay and duke it out with Peter's other contestants. Peter ended their conversation by saying that he couldn't do this right now and that he needed to get back to the women on his date. From there, Hannah went home. But, for those who are really hoping Hannah and Peter end up together, this very sad scene should actually give you a lot of hope: Absolutely nothing was resolved. That was way too emotional to just move on from the next day.
Peter even admitted in a confessional right after that he had wanted to kiss Hannah while she was there, but he didn't because he was so conflicted about having a room full of women waiting for him, because he's, you know, the Bachelor.
Any fan who is still holding out hope that Hannah is the person that Peter's mom is begging him to not let go of in last week's season-long preview should hold on tightly to that moment. Not only did Peter say he wanted to kiss her, but he admitted that he did still have feelings — which he tried to justify as "normal" because it just hadn't been that long since they broke up. Um, anyone who's ever seen a rom-com can predict this ending. Those feelings are still there because you still love her, man! At least, that's how it would go in the movies.
Of course, Peter's life isn't a rom-com so it may play out differently. But Peter and Hannah's unresolved ending is hard to ignore. He may not have kissed her, but the chemistry between them was palpable before she left. He was rubbing her back and running his hands through her hair as she wrapped her arms around him. There's still a connection there, and if Peter decides it's not just post-breakup residual feelings that he has for Hannah — but real, still-in-love with her feelings, this season could have a very different ending than anyone expects.
So go ahead, Pannah (Heter?) 'shippers. Be thrilled.
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