The Internet Has A Wild Theory About Peter & Hannah Brown On The Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Peter Weber may have promised that it would be impossible to find spoilers for this season of The Bachelor, but you can’t blame a fan for trying. Especially since so many of us seem to have the same theory: Peter doesn’t end of with any of the contestants at the end of the series — he ends up with Hannah Brown
The season premiere already set the stage for a reunion, and Peter later admitted that he almost ditched being The Bachelor to give things a shot with the former Bachelorette. But is this more than a publicity stunt? A lot of viewers seem to hope so. There’s already overwhelming support for a real, bonafide happy ending for the two of them on Twitter, but even the sleuths over at Reddit are suspicious. They’re calling out the promos for trying to make people think a certain ending is going to go down, and instead think it’s an actual never-before-seen-in-Bachelor-history type of ending. 
“I don’t think Peter 'chose' Hannah Brown at the end, but if it doesn’t work out with any of his women (which seems like a real possibility) I could see them trying to make it work later on,” one Reddit user guessed. “Maybe at ATFR he will ask her out and give her the wings again. Or she will ask him out like he apparently originally wanted.”
Another fan on Reddit goes even deeper, writing, “No one can deny Peter and Hannah’s chemistry so what if she only asked out Tyler on ATFR bc TPTB wanted Peter for Bachelor and the plan all along was for him to pick no one and go back to her at the end.”
Another pointed out an interesting quote from ABC reality chief Rob Mills given to Variety on Hannah’s appearance.
“This was definitely very emotional and springboards the season into a different direction that we thought it would go,” he revealed. 
And, there's the fact that Bachelor Nation veteran Ashley Iaconetti is also on board with this theory.
"I imagine in next week’s episode we’ll see a conversation between Hannah and Peter that establishes something along the lines of, 'I’m going to go on DWTS and you go through this Bachelor process and if we’re both thinking about each other at the end of these shows, we need to give this a shot,'" she wrote for Cosmopolitan. "I think Chris Harrison comes in right before Peter planned to give out his final rose and tells Peter, 'We all just found out Hannah won Dancing With the Stars, but she said it didn’t feel right not to have you there celebrating with her.' This throws Peter into a tizzy and he tells his “final” girl that he needs to date Hannah IRL or he’ll always wonder, 'What if?'"
If that's the case, the upcoming After The Final Rose will be the most dramatic moment of Chris Harrison's life.

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