The Woman Bachelor Peter Chooses Will Almost Certainly Be In This Group

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Champagne-gate may have set Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor off to a rocky start, but he’s more determined than ever to find love throughout his journey. And if you don't believe him, just see every time he tells Chris Harrison that yes, his future-wife is in the group of Bachelor contestants still left on the show. But that gaggle is still pretty big; how about we whittle it down to the women who stand the best chance of receiving that final rose (and actually choosing Peter back, as well)? It's never too early to start figuring out who wins Peter’s Bachelor season, especially since the series is constantly dropping clues.
While Bachelor spoilers seem to run rampant with every given season, thanks in large part to Bachelor gossip extraordinaire Reality Steve, Peter has said his Bachelor season's ending won't be spoiled. That kind of confidence is pretty rare for this series. "There’s a reason I believe that, and obviously can’t say it otherwise it gives it away. I’m very confident that Reality Steve and all of these people, they’re not going to find out what happens — there’s no way they’re going to find out," Peter told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview earlier this month. That quote has got fans speculating like wild, with everything from the possibility that Peter has yet to make his official decision on the matter, to the theory that Peter goes back to former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. And don't even get us started on who Peter's mom is crying about in that Bachelor promo clip they keep playing.
But for now, since Hannah seems to be out of the picture (keep shipping if makes you happy though, Hannah Fans), we're going to focus on the Bachelor contestants who could end up with Peter. Keep your eye on these women:

Madison Prewett

Madison was Peter’s very first one-on-one date and it seems to have left a very positive impression on him. The date involved attending his parents’ vow renewal, which allowed Peter to see Madison interact with his family and see how well she’d be able to fit into his world. (She passed the test with flying colors, much to Peter’s delight.) Add that to the fact that he always seems to light up whenever she’s around and Madison’s odds of nabbing that final rose have never been stronger, even if Madison's Instagram behavior has started a very different conversation.

Hannah Ann Sluss

Peter gave her his First Impression Rose, and while that person doesn’t typically end up winning on The Bachelor, Hannah Ann could prove to be the exception to that rule. He is clearly smitten with her and enjoys any amount of time they get to spend together. He was even tempted to send Kelsey Weir home after discovering that she may have been “bullying” Hannah Ann; he genuinely cares about her feelings and takes her seriously. Even during something as petty and awkward as Champagne-gate 2020.

Kelley Flanagan

Kelley is the Bachelor contestant who actually met Peter prior to the start of the show. The two of them apparently ran into each other in the lobby of a hotel in Peter's hometown and, as they tell the story, hit it off instantly. Peter has seemed pleased to be given the chance to spend more time with Kelley, so their history will most likely help Kelley go far.

Victoria Fuller

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For a woman who claims to be shy by nature, she’s certainly left quite the impression on Peter thus far. She may not have won the Revolve group date competition, but that didn’t stop Peter from making a point of spending some alone time with her after the fact and reassuring her how much he wants her to be on the show. She may not feel confident about her place in Peter’s heart, but he seems more and more sure about his feelings for Victoria F. will each passing week. Also, from a producing standpoint, Victoria F. seems to be a bit of a drama magnet, which means they'll want her around for as long as possible. That doesn't necessarily bode well for a win, but Harrison has said over and over again that Peter's a bit unlike other Bachelor leads.
Update: This story was originally published on Jan. 27, 2020. It has been updated to reflect Victoria Paul's recent Bachelor elimination.
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