Just How Close Does Peter Weber Live To Bachelor Mansion?

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When choosing a place to work, most people factor the new commute into whether or not they take the job — that's definitely what new Bachelor Peter Weber did when he took the role, because Peter lives so close to Bachelor mansion in Agoura Hills, in Southern California. Like, close enough that he could go home for lunch or take a break to water some plants between scenes.
Chris Harrison mentioned Peter's hometown and proximity to the manse on the Bachelor In Paradise after show back in September when Peter was announced as the new lead. “You’re different from any other Bachelor we’ve ever had. We’ve never had somebody who lives about five minutes from the Bachelor mansion. You literally grew up in the shadows of that mansion," Harrison joked. Peter also kidded that he used to try to sneak onto the grounds of the mansion in high school.
According to Peter's official Bachelor profile, he grew up in Westlake Village, which finds itself between Ventura and Los Angeles counties in California. The Bachelor is in neighboring Agoura Hills, which literally overlooks Westlake Village. If you plug in the distance between "Westlake Village" and "The Bachelor Mansion" into Google maps, you'll find it would take Peter around 11 minutes to get to the Bachelor site, give or take a few minutes with traffic. That might be the shortest work commute in L.A. history.
And Peter still lives this close, by the way. According to E!, his mom explained that Peter still lives at home because, given his schedule as a commercial airline pilot, it doesn't make sense for him to pay rent or a mortgage right now as he's constantly traveling. "Let's say for Peter, he works four days a week. Then he has four days off, and he goes with his friends away, like they take a little mini vacation wherever. And then he comes back, and he goes right back to work," she said, telling E! that she encouraged Peter to save as much money as possible for as long as he can. "We're very happy living at home, everybody together," she added.
Of course, all of that will change, Peter told Entertainment Tonight — he's definitely going to get his own place post-Bachelor because, duh, he will have a fiancée he wants to move in with (or does he?). For now, though, Peter's happy to be at home in Westlake Village, just mere minutes away from the Bachelor mansion. Unfortunately, if Peter is hoping he and his new fiancée could just rent the Bachelor mansion while they're looking for a place, they're out of luck. Turns out, Bachelor Mansion is a real family's home and when The Bachelor rolls out, they roll back in.
Sorry, Peter. You'll just have to find your own digs.
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